I got to experience Reiki with Aimee and it was really interesting and soothing. I was shocked that I could reach that calmness and release my stress energy via zoom.  I am really happy with the session and outcome,  and will be back.


Aimee is absolutely wonderful at what she does! I’ve had reiki sessions before in-person, but never via zoom. I have to say, the results were just as good, if not even better! I had the exact same sensations across my body as Aimee did reiki on me as I have had in the past during in-person sessions. I couldn’t believe it! I felt so calm and clear after our session – it was wonderful!

Aimee also does an incredible job of making you feel so comfortable with her to the point where it feels like you’ve known her for years. She’s warm, inviting, and so wise. Highly recommend!


 At the beginning of our zoom, we exchanged basic information getting familiar with one another and she was open, nurturing, kind and a great listener.

 Once we got to know each other and addressed my areas of concern, Aimee made a few suggestions and then we went into a guided meditation. I was able to really relax and focus on my breathing and ultimately felt really good after and into the next day.

 I had a really solid creative idea during the session, I felt energized and happy throughout the rest of the day, and I feel renewed and aligned with the world.




My Reiki session with Aimee exceeded my expectations. I wasn’t sure what to expect having never done this, but Aimee quickly put me to ease with her thorough explanation. I came out of the session not only feeling relaxed and calm, but truly aligned. I felt emotionally lighter and balanced, which is something I hadn’t felt in awhile. I can’t wait for my next session with Aimee!


I had never heard of doing Reiki online.  I always thought it was something you had to do in person.

I have had a couple sessions with Aimee already and have a great experience each time.  It always amazes me that what I feel and what Aimee is focused on are so aligned.

I even had a session when I was having severe sinus pain and the session released the pressure and I finally had movement that I hadn’t had in the previous days since I had gotten sick.

I highly recommend Aimee.  Her work is amazing and she is truly authentic and cares about your results.